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Dr. Stella’s Bio

Dr Stella Immanuel is a Cameroonian-American physician currently practicing in Houston Texas. Dr Stella did general medicine in Nigeria, migrated to America to complete residency, and became a licensed pediatrician. Over the years she also worked in emergency rooms to maintain her general practice skills. She currently operates two clinics in Houston TX; general practice walk in clinic. She has been in the forefront advocating for early treatment of COVID19 patients with Hydroxychloroquine also known as HCQ. Since treating patients with COVID19, she has had tremendous success keeping patients alive, and out of hospitals. Dr. Immanuel recently came into the limelight with front line doctors as their advocate for HCQ being an effective treatment of COVID19. Dr Immanuel believes that HCQ is one of the major arrows that should come out of America’s quivers, and plunge the chest of COVID19. She believes HCQ can stop the pandemic in its tracks! Dr. Stella Immanuel is also a minister of the gospel. As a prayer and deliverance minister she is known as a warrior in the kingdom, Gods’ warrior princess, Gods’ battle axe, and a sniper in the kingdom of God. Dr. Stella is the founder of Fire Power Ministries. Located at 3878 Robichaux Road, TX 77494. Fire Power Ministry’s goal is to provide you with tools and resources to break free from the devils works and stay free. By the Power and Grace given from God , we have now been able to reach the entire world. Exposing the enemies’ plans against the nations, and reviving the church into the coming hour.
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