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She’s back….Dr. Birx wants bird flu mandates

June 6, 2024 drstellamd Comments Off

She’s Back… Dr. Birx is making headlines lamenting that we are making the same mistakes we made during covid. What is that mistake she says? She says we are not testing people for Bird Flu following a 3rd person contracting the virus. She is calling for Bird Flu testing for virus surveillance. Wow.


We may see a push to begin testing starting at hospitals as a routine protocol for incoming patients.

We do not know yet if Bird Flu will deliver their a full fledged Plandemic, but we are keeping an eye on it and keeping you updated on any developments. Dr. Birx calling for testing is certainly troubling development.


As always, we want to keep our patients informed and prepared so you do not get swept up in fear. Bird Flu is an RNA virus therefore it can be treated with Zinc and Hydroxychloroquine. Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Quercetin will boost your immune system against RNA viruses like Bird Flu.


Get our Covid Care Complete which includes everything you need to treat respiratory illnesses at home. Let’s continue to pray that all plans to bring in a new Plandemic fail.

Boost your immunity daily against Bird Flu, Covid and other Flu like viruses with Covivits which have Zinc, Vitamin C, D, Quercetin.

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