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So many Americans are Hungry

April 6, 2024 drstellamd Comments Off

Last week my ministry team and I had an outreach in Sealy Texas where we gave away groceries to hundreds of people in need. I was able to see first hand how Biden’s America has been difficult on so many families. You will be surprised at how many Americans are going hungry.

As we gave away groceries, we were able to preach the Good News of the Gospel and lead people to the ultimate source of provision and life, our Lord Jesus Christ. Watch this short video of our outreach event:

In this season where so many are without hope, we have felt the Lord is calling on us to donate 10% of all sales on our marketplace to this ministry. That means, when you shop on our online store, 10% of your money is going to feed the hungry and ensuring the Gospel of Hope is preached to them.

If you know any person or family in the Houston area, please direct them to our clinic at the above address and hours.

Boost your health, feed the hungry

*All proceeds from Pecan sales will go to fund our food pantry!

Thank you for helping us reach the hopeless.

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