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Read before you sign up

  • Fees paid for consultation covers providers reviewing your chart and medical history and prescribing appropriately.
  • You will be contacted via text, phone call or email depending on your medical history for patients seeking prophylaxis.
  • For sick patients its imperative that we speak to you, so please answer your phone and text to facilitate your consultation. Remember to take any block off your phone till we talk to you.
  • Our providers are always available to answer your questions.
  • Your prescriptions will be forwarded to the pharmacy with your medication and allergy history before they fill it and ship to you.
  • The medication cost like every other pharmacy does not include refills. You will have to call the pharmacy and pay for your refill when its due.
  • Physician consult are separate from pharmacy fee. Once the consult has been done and medications shipped to you, we cannot refund your money because those medications cannot be put back on the shelves and the providers have done their review. We will contest any chargebacks after consult. So please make sure you are sure before you sign up.
  • We usually make several attempts to reach patients including, text, email and phone calls. If we fail to reach you within a week, we will cancel your appointment and refund your money minus 25% for the work done.
  • Remember, for Covid Care, these are controversial treatment protocols used off label so do your research before you sign up.
  • Get the recommended vitamins on our marketplace or in your local store.
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  • We are here to help you for specific conditions, we are not your primary care doctor so do not hesitate to contact your doctor for all other issues.
  • Stay safe, wash your hands, regular outdoor air, stay home if you are sick.
  • Spread the word – early treatment and prevention is the key God bless you.
Dr StellaMD Team.


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