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Video: My Bird Flu update

May 22, 2024 drstellamd Comments Off

Bird flu Plandemic? This seems to be gaining steam as more media reports reminiscent of the early days of Covid, are popping up everywhere.

Watch my latest take on Bird Flu in the video below:

As always, I tell people not to panic. Bird Flu is an RNA virus therefore it can be treated with Zinc, Vitamin C & D. Quercetin opens up Zinc channels in the cell.

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Zinc has powerful anti-viral affects. According to a study published in The National Library of Medicine, it has “very strong antiviral activity against the H5N1 avian influenza virus with a reduction in the virus by up to 7.6 times”.


Quercetin helps Zinc enter the cell.

Think of it this way:

Zinc is the bullet.

Quercetin is the gun.

Boost your immunity daily against Bird Flu, Covid and other Flu like viruses with Covivits.

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Immune Support, Energy, Mental Clarity & all the vitamins and minerals you need to get your day started. Covilyte also has Vitamin C, D, Zinc and Quercetin for respiratory Virus defense.

Stock Up on Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin:

Hydroxychloroquine fights viruses by interfering with the way viruses multiply inside our cells, essentially slowing down the virus’ ability to replicate and spread.


Get our Covid Care Complete which includes everything you need to treat respiratory illnesses. Let’s pray that all plans to bring in a new plandemic fail.

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